Sunday, 27 April 2008

Houses & Running

Ah houses, I do seem to be a little obsessed. But finding a great house, in a great location turns out to be far, far, harder than I could ever have imagined.

We headed off to the Lomonds and Trossachs (but a new loch this time) to see a house. We drove past, called the agents, and never went back. Why some people feel it is a good idea to sell a bit of their land so someone can build a big new monstrosity right in front of the house they then want to sell is beyond me. Not every decision like that makes financial sense. However we did discover that this new loch is damn pretty and organs would be sold to live there!

There is also a hotel with lovely food. I'd booked us lunch incase the house was a bust. I'd really recommend the spot, and the hotel is chic not twee, which really makes a difference in the lochs. - hmmm good. You'll see why I didn't just put the full name down - who can spell that?

It was long run time. I think I can now safely say that I am NOT a natural marathon runner. It's just too damn far. However I kept moving for 3.57.25 - this covered exactly 19miles - in an average speed of 12.30.

All of it was mad much easier though as I had a companion. TheO came, on her bike, for the whole run. It was truly lovely. She said nice things, told me I wasn't a failure for walking (I'm almost convinced she's right), handed me chocolate when necessary, and kept shtum when I turned into an evil beast of hatred and loathing (somewhere around the 16/17 mile point). My appreciation knows no bounds. Also - she does a mean massage (she's in training) - which help my little legs no end.

Set off with aim to run at 11min/mile pace for 18 miles. Start slow rather than fade and burn out as usual.

11.04 - bang on 11m/m pace
12.08 - oops too slow
13.31 - this included walking for 0.4
14.16 - walking for 0.6

3.32 total run time (with 1 mile of walking breaks) - avg 11.45ish - 18 miles done.
Walk home from the village, including 2 stretching breaks as my calves were killing me - UP HILL24.53

So, I now have a new plan. To run for 8 miles and walk for a mile, then to repeat that, then to run for 8.2 miles and finish in style. I should be able to manage this but I need to do a few more long runs to prove this system has 'legs'.

After a few days of leg rest and work (which is truly manic at the moment, I keep answering all my emails and getting all my designs done, then more come in... I need more workshop time, next week - all workshop, all the time - that's my plan) we're off to meet Badger and Tigger for a simple spot of lunch. But then, heavenly prayers are answered - we're off to Hotel du Vin, just for dinner, as TheO's Ma is stopping there on her return trip from The Island where small boys bounced so much at their Grannu's arrival one broke his arm in 2 places. Jeesh - it's never ending with the 'phews!

Apart from working my socks off next week I have a very exciting appointment with a dressmaker. My attendants sadly can't make it but I've assured them they'll be set to work on other things asap.

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