Friday, 23 May 2008

Naked on the Kitchen Table

That got your attention didn't it.
TheO complained that no-one was blogging recently. So I thought I'd fill you all in on the last few weeks.

As some will be aware TheO is doing a course in Therapeutic Massage - hence why the kitchen table, but I was covered with the appropriate towels to make it all professional! I am the lucky recipient of many practice massages. It's brilliant. Today was a requested leg massage and an extra back massage thrown in. Bliss.

It's been a busy few weeks with lots of work being done, and too much house searching taking my mind away from more financially fruitful pursuits.
14th/ I managed a 5K in 25.59 on 1% which felt like a great speed session.
15th/ Went out with Professor and Rock God to celebrate Prof's new job. Finally got to try the grange which was v unexpected and v tasty. It was a bit like dining back in the early 90s in rural Scotland. Very small dining room, very traditional looking but the food was great and a good night was had by all (I think).
17/18 w/end was a Birthday extravaganza with two friends having birthdays. We had a wonderful barge dinner along a canal in Edinburgh. It was brilliant fun and with only 8 of us made for a very relaxed night. The food was lovely (despite the menu being terrible) and HH as birthday girl was extremely impressed by TheO's inventiveness for new bday ideas. (Really, I don't know how she does it.) This almost took away the extremely displeasurable day I'd had at the Fife Show where I managed so few sales I didn't even cover my table fees so I lost money. The first time that has ever happened - and hopefully the last.
The next day we high tailed it to Glasgow to celebrate with another mate. She'd pegged off to New York to celebrate with her husband only - I think in the hopes we wouldn't rub in the fact she's now 30 - so wasn't expecting too many celebrations on her behalf. TheO had planned a whole bunch of stuff (all on her blog) and needless to say it really was an amazing day. Great pub food, glorious shopping for the birthday girl, footie in the park ... and the surprise of Hotel du Vin at the end of it. I was just a lucky tag-along who loved every single minute.

Next day we took Spartan and Blarney back to E'burgh and found the day so sunny we headed to the park for tennis, tins of pimms (classy), and a picnic. Never has a w/end felt so good.
We could only do all that on Monday as the house we had an appointment to see got sold before we could even see it - crikie things move fast.

20th/ My last long-ish run. G
reat 12 mile run 2h 10min
average of 10.50 a mile

new plan for marathon:
run 10
walk 1
run 8
walk 1
run 6.2 - seems psychologically like a damn good idea.

I wasn't fast but I was happy and consistant. I headed out thinking: this will be harder than I expect and I just have to deal with that. Luckily, it was easier than expected and really lovely to get some hill runs in. They make all the difference to a run - I can challenge myself and work the muscles rather than just zoning out.

It was also perfect weather. I saw bluebells and pink campion and baby cows and bunny rabbits - it was so pretty and sunny but not too hot. Really was the pre-marathon boost I needed.

After spending the night in E'burgh to do some quality Champions League Final watching (I needed to get some work done) TheO returned with Blarney who delightfully took us out for breakfast/brunch. It was mighty fine although I have learned a powerful lesson: thou shalt now have 3 lattes in a row, the caffeine will make you feel weird (and wired) for the rest of the day!
Great scran and chat took us through until lunch time. (There was cake too.)
We also managed to fit in a quick gym trip where I did 4 yassos and some weights. It was mildly productive and felt like the right amount of work pre marathon.

A few days ago we spotted a house that would make a great holiday retreat (no mains electricity, can only reach it by foot) and finally have an appointment to see it on Monday - so that will be a very long journey up North. Very exciting though. Wont say too much.
But as that would fulfil certain desired landscape factors we can also look for a main house away from the detested planes but not quite as remote. Off to see a possible in 20min. Eeek.

Must get changed, shake off the massage lethargy and let a pooch out. Wish us luck.

Oh, yes, and most of this post is rambling and a bit nuts as I'm beyond psyched for the marathon and a bit twitchy today. Only 40h until the start. Bugger.

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