Saturday, 10 May 2008

Questions questions

1. Is it ever appropriate to write an entire blog where you refer to yourself in the 3rd person?

2. Why have my new shorts given me a nasty line of irritation/blister across my tummy when the long running trousers which are identical are comfortable and blister free?

3. How is it possible that I went to the gym yesterday and worked my arse off to do the fastest 10K evereverever and came home to discover it was identical -to the second- to my last 10K? Only joy is that this one was on 4min rising hill intervals - sweet!

4. Will I bore my loyal reader senseless if I go off on yet another rant about sportsbras?

5. Why do I not get enough readers to get sent freestuff (especially sportsbras) like other bloggers? (Seriously, I'll wear sponsorship, I'll try any old gel, I need more bras.)

6. Why was someone - anyone - searching t'interent for "how do do aquafit at home"? I wish to respond with: do you have a pool? The clue is very much in the name!

7. Does everyone in training for a marathon feel extreme joy at the thought of one last long run to go before the race?

TheO ran their longest ever distance on Thursday - 7 full miles of running - bloody brilliant!
I've dipped under a stone mark on the scales, that wonderful moment between X.00 and Y.13 - what bliss. (Watch it climb up tomorrow for no apparent reason.)

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