Sunday, 20 April 2008

Just one more thing

Oh yeah, you'll have noticed that the 16.5miler was quite specific about times and gradient. I did indeed PAY (a whole £12.30) for the privilege of torturing myself for 3hours on a treadmill; a treadmill that only allows you to do 60min at a time before stopping. I got really, really quick at hitting those buttons, it could be a whole new sport.

I also have to thank the guy who brought me water. I realise this sounds pathetic but I'd finished the two bottles I'd brought with me and didn't want to have to stop and walk out to the loos and fill up the bottle (there's no water in the gym - which should be a crime). He was entirely understanding and v nice about it - thank you!


londonjogger said...

£12.30 ! i thought london was expensive!

SAM said...

I know - £4.10 an hour! Shocking.