Tuesday, 22 April 2008

I hit the gym

And the gym hit back.

It's been a while since I acquainted myself with the weights. They missed me.

I started off the gym session with an excellent hilly 5K.
The machine went up to 7% at the highest and 19min was at 4% or higher - the total time was 29.17 so I managed to maintain a decent pace (around 9.30) despite the incline. No achillies pain, just a joyful and somewhat sweaty, run.

I then moved on to my long lost friends; the weights:
Tricept pull on 4 for 2 sets of 12. The TheO (quite rightly) pointed out that I was using my whole body and leaning into it, rather than just using my arms. So the next set was on 3 for 12 reps.

Knee lift on 5 for 3 sets of 12. Oh god, this hurt by the end. I hate the knee machines, they're at a weird angle.

Lateral pull on 6 or 5? for 3 sets of 12. I use my left arm more than my right - weird.

Leg press on weight 6 for 12 then on 7 for 2 sets of 12. It burns!

Shoulder lift on 3 3 x 12 - some of this might have been a bit half-arsed.

Tummy machine: 12 for 12 reps, 13 for 12 reps, 14 for 12 reps. Joy.

Returned home after a quick dog walk, late lunch and shop. Discovered during lunch to always ask what the Roast Vegetables are in a Roast Veg baguette. They were mushrooms, courgettes and leeks... v v weird. The kind of food you might make at home if you were desperate and everything nice had gone off. ICK.
Found a house online - it's cute, definitely not too big (!), and miracle of miracles - in the right area. We're off to see it tomorrow.
The only downside is that the ache in my arse (from going uphill for 30min) and the mental gymnastics involved in house hunting, stopped me getting to sleep until 6am - I am a zombie today.


Most of this post exists just so Blarney has something to read at work. ;-)

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