Monday, 21 April 2008

Mid-ish Month Search Winner

My favourite search that led to my blog this month is:

what is wrong with me

I'm tickled by this for many reasons:
a) This person is asking the internet the most generic question possible, and, one has to assume, expecting an answer.
b) My blog is obviously a carefully concealed portal to the future - t'internet believes it can actually answer the question.
c) In more paranoid moments this raises the question in me: what is wrong with me?

On another search query - my blog now appears to be the foremost research resource for sports Bra buyers. If only I actually had some answers.

1 comment:

alaistair said...

wow you have done so much since I last looked in on you! Forgot your running Edinburgh? You ran how far on a treadmill? - and I thought I was nuts. Good luck at Edinburgh, really hope you enjoy the day..