Friday, 1 February 2008


Hmm - had a nagging realisation yesterday that Yasso's might really only be designed for people aiming for a sub-4 marathon. They might not be quite as effective for the slow like me.

As hormones are in full rage at present TheO very gently encouraged me to go to the gym this evening. She needs me to 'take the edge off' sometimes; luckily exercise does this, she hasn't had to resort to the horse tranquilizers (yet).

(As the running machines were full) I did fast, circuit style weights work:

Tummy machine on weight12
12 x 1
20 x 1 (side obliques)
12 x 1
Tricept pull on weight 4
3 x 12
Lateral/Trapez. pull on 5
3 x 12
Pectoral push on 6
3 x 12 - vv hard
Leg push on 8
3 x 12

(This gave me jelly legs when I started to run.)
2 miles in 18:45
On aerobic setting so 3 small hills of a 0-3 on incline and back each time, managed to keep up a good pace.

A rather dull round up for a rather dull day.
I've set a personal embargo on house-hunting tomorrow - so the work must get done!
Fingers' crossed for some sunny (at least not storms, rain or snow) weather for the long run this w/end.

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