Thursday, 21 February 2008

Fast, faster, fastest.

Not only are things moving apace with the house. (Surveyor is there as we speak/type/read ...) But yesterday I managed to confound my body by using the running machine set in Kilometres.

I thought around 11k/h would be a good pace. By the time I worked out what it really as I couldn't possibly 'back down'.

Incredible run 10k in 54.30! A full 4 min faster than my fastest ever.
3 gentle rises - building up and down on basic aerobic setting.

A total of:
13 min at 3%
13 min at 2%
12 min at 1%

Avg 8.48 a mile - never done this many sub 9 min miles before. Just left the machine on 11kph or upped it slightly for the flat sections. Felt really dead last night, but it was a stonking run. Legs aren't too achy today.

I tried to pay a little attention to my heart rate too. Even though those machines are NOT accurate I was fairly pleased to see my heart rate remain relatively constant at 3, 5 and 6 miles. Once it's built up to speed it seems to remain quite steady - only the hills/gentle rises made it go up a little.

Right -off to work now.

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