Sunday, 24 February 2008

Blogging on dialup - I must be desperate!

Ah, the ole blog. My connection to the outside world. I’m trapped, cat-sitting a cat who doesn’t care. (Should I be surprised - it’s a cat!) Any real shops are 10 miles away. I’ve rearranged the house (in a way I can easily put back) so that I can live in the kitchen with the Aga - and therefore keep warm!

My new best friends are the TV - with crappy dig box, what more do I need than reruns of anything with Phil & Kirsty; and the radio. Feels like company.

I’ve stocked up on healthy (boo hiss) food and drink. I’ve got the Sunday papers, a few new books, and all my work stuff to work through over the next week.

Now it’s comfier (squashy chair and good TV in the kitchen) I can just chill out. I might have a small nap due to the following:

Went out for my run this morning. Plan was for 12 fast miles - 10min/miles for that distance would have been a good aim. After 3 miles I stopped (both the timer and my legs); it was just really hard for no apparent reason. I’d had my huge coffee, 3 slices of toast with peanut butter, and ½ a Lucozade Sport. My first mile was quite fast and the next was all uphill - I think those two combined factors really did me in. But hell, sometimes these things happen. I took 4min (exactly) to take off my jacket, drink some water and reassess. I decided I was just being a pussy. I could do 1 more mile then turn and go home. 8 miles would be good enough?! After mile 5 everything picked up and I did some ½ mile out/ ½ mile back runs to build up my mileage. 11 miles was the total. (I should have done 12 - but hell, it was so much better than I expected - I’m happy anyway.)

11 miles 1h 54 min
Avg speed 10.22
1558 calories burnt

I was so pleased at the end when I checked my last long run (about 2 weeks ago - eeeek) I was 30 seconds a mile faster! This really feels like a result, I’m chuffed.

I wondered if the hills would be easier this time (I’d never done any real hill work before staying her last time) … not really, just long rolling stretches, end up climbing for what feels like miles.
Right - off to rest my stomach (had a great lunch of Cumberland sausage and onion relish pannini then lemon meringue pie - YUM) and my knackered legs.
ps/ We didn't get the house ...

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