Wednesday, 27 February 2008

A nice cup of tea and a sit down.

Another day - another run.

8 mile - 1.21.23 (2min 19sec faster than my last 8 mile best)
Avg 10.11

I never really settled and spent too much time thinking “only 0.x miles until I can turn round”; “only 2.x min off the pace”. It was just too rolling, too hilly, AND too windy to relax.

10.53 - gentle uphill / 10.54 - uphill / 9.22 - felt flat / 9.44 - gently rolling / 10.22 - gently rolling into the wind / 11.04 - the ‘felt flat’ portion was pretty much a 3-4% gradient going UP, also into the frinkin’ wind / 9.56 - rolling with a nice little down hill / 9.03 all downhill - yippeeeee

The run was designed to take my mind off the fact that the electric went out for 20min this morning. The ‘phone line was also down … the idea of being stuck here without internet was definitely a thought that needed to be run away from.

Luckily on my return the lovely men from BT were in the field - all was fixed.

It’s really very boring here (you may already have guessed from the blandness of the postings). I went through the tourist guides to the area and discovered that everything was shut. It’s an area full of castles, houses, stately homes etc - and there is nothing open - nothing until Easter. I could go into Newcastle but I just end up wandering round trying not to spend money, all becomes a bit pointless and depressing.

Wow - I’ve depressed myself.

Off to make a restorative cup of tea and have a nice sit down.


Seshat said...

Have some fruit.

: )

The Professor said...

Ahh yes, the joy of opening times for historic stuff, known too well from bitter experience. Rock God loves such stuff which is exactly why nothing opens until AFTER his birthday weekend. Every year his treat has to be put off a week!