Thursday, 14 February 2008


I could give you a full update of all that's happened in the last week. But you might pass out from boredom and crack your head off the table, I don't want the responsibility.

7th - 5K (31min) with pooches through the woods.
8th - Massive gym session weights only.
9th - Wonderful long run. Decided to really make an effort to go sloooow. 12 miles @ 10.50 pace - good and hilly with some bits of a new route. It was a perfect day - crisp but sunny... if only the headwind on the way out had given me a push home instead of dying away - it would have been spectacular.

That day 4 great friends came up ad we all went out for a lovely dinner. It was a good night - great food, good chat, happiness abounding. Plethora of flowers now fills the house - makes me smile.

10th - Having done my long run Sunday became everything a Sunday really should be: long walks with pooches on the beach, picnicy lunch, gentle relaxation.

11th - Highheels and Teech arrived (we're never one for a quiet life) full of the joys of Spring so we headed out to The Seafood Restaurant for a lovely leisurely lunch. We watched the fog advance and retreat from our little glass box and whiled away a considerable number of hours. We then divided into two camps - golf and shopping (god help the predictability). HH and I managed to find a fantastic top to go with a dress - it was perfect!

The last few days have been a little strange. I haven't wanted to run - so I haven't. I always assume my body is telling me something. But this has been a bit weird. I'll go for a run today as I can't imagine not running for more than 4 days at this point in my training ... who knows why I feel so disinclined.

You know that life has taken a slightly strange turn when you find your self in an Asda car park drinking champagne ... from the bottle. That was my Wednesday(13th).

Manic couple of days coming up. Off to see the Cheeseboard tonight as we're all going out for a Valentine's meal - to be silly rather than romantic. Luckily there are some understanding partners out there - and some who have headed for the hills... sensible choice.
Then we high tail it to Staffordshire to see Bro-in-law's new place - this should be a fun w/end as long as we remember to pack all the pooch stuff - and the inflatible bed! Oh, and en route we go and see a house which obviously has something wrong with it (been on the market 8 months - now fixed price) and isn't in the right place. I swear - there is logic in here somewhere.

Right - must get some work/packing/running done.

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The Professor said...

Ok the OBVIOUS question is what were you celebrating at Asda?!

Have fun away, and please someone actually remember where his new place is for me so I can stop being driven mad by not knowing! ; )