Wednesday, 15 August 2007

The weight of expectation and fried breakfasts.

A run, a real run. (A bloody awful, rubbish, walking run.)

5K - 31.26

average pace 10.09

ran 1st mile then had to walk for 1min up the worst hill section
ran 1/2 mile then walked for 1min up a hill section
ran the rest.

Muscles feel good.
Heart and lungs feel v bad, lungs in particular are cough ridden now and feel constricted.
Heart was working too hard - well harder than I'm used to.

Expected better fitness than this - who knows why when in the last month all I've done is:
slow 4miler
slow 2.5 miles
40 length swim
30 length swim
22 length swim
1 mile fast run

RUBBISH must get back to it. It had better come back quickly as today was so disheartening. Really shows how expectations change. I need to be able to knock out easy 10min miles now and for 9:30 to be a quick but solid run held for a good 10K... hmmmm.

Spent yesterday thinking about what I want a achieve from my fitness:
  1. To maintain my mantra: Not for one step. (Ie I will not walk for one step - sadly abandoned today.)
  2. And to be faster in the three races I have done next time I do them. (5K, 10K, Half)
  3. And, here's the biggee - to get a sub 2h half marathon time
  4. And maintain 1/2 marathon fitness year round...
  5. All this whilst losing another 2 stone and getting to a size 12 for my non-wedding.

Manageable? Who knows it all starts whilst NOT taking the first bite, but the first steps!


warriorwoman said...

Whats a non-wedding?
I like the not for one step mantra, very worthwhile.

SAM said...

Our non-wedding is a civil partnership where there will be no ceremony, flowers, bridesmaids or frou frou. There will be a huge 3 day party though. xx