Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Busy Busy

Delighted to be back home for a whole few weeks! Just back from another jaunt. This time to the wedding of two close friends. An excellent time was had by all - especially them, which is what matters most!

It was my first trip to the emerald isle. (Well, Northern Ireland.) It did not disappoint. Green loveliness, farms , horses and the obligatory rain (luckily not on the wedding day). The journey was smooth and everyone adored our dogs. :) I would like to point out that N'orn Ireland is a country without access to an espresso machine - my first 'hit' in days yesterday was a joy to behold.

On return, having done no exercise for what seemed like weeks (actually 9 days) and eating too many full fried breakfasts (yum) - it was time to go back to the gym. Managed to bugger up my timing by having to go and collect prescriptions but did manage 1mile in 8.10 another 1/2 mile warm up and cool down and some essential tummy and tricept exercises. A bit rushed but fun none the less.

Off for a long run now - it might kill me. Good to be back though.

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