Thursday, 16 August 2007

The good and the bad.

Did 5k in 31.00
Then did mile 4 in 11min as I walked for 2 min during it. Am pansy arsed.
It was brilliant to go for a run with my pooch again. She really loved it, and put me to shame.

Recovery was good. Heart and lungs were much improved on yesterday. No hills really helped.

Set off about 40min too late (for me reg. food) and it was quite warm at mile 4.

Total: 4 miles in 41.20 so 10.20 per mile on average... not great but not too bad.

However I can't believe this crappy run-walk thing that's happening. I've always run, or not; but never walked unless a MAJOR stitch literally stopped me. Really need to build up my stamina again so I can run 10k in 60min and then 8 miles in 80 min ..... this might take some time. Feeling so unfit made me feel unsafe which really pissed me off.

But - thank god for logs and blogs. I looked back and discovered that a year ago I bought my first running trainers. I was delighted at being able to run for 15min without stopping and I was a good three weeks away from being able to run 5k. The fitness will come back, it will just take time. I should be pleased that after a month without any running I can still complete 5k. Also, I've finally had my easy month for the year. Onwards and upwards, if I go at the same rate as last year I should be up to half distance by November. Bliss

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