Sunday, 26 August 2007

Not taking it easy. Now feeling v sleepy.

Crikie - this week has flown past. Rather than blog-as-I-went I'm now left trying to fill in all the details. It's been all exercise this week - and a little work. I think there has been a bit of a manic attempt to regain some fitness - it seems to be working.

24th August
Hill run . 33min . terrible pace . lungs were dead at the end . it was hot and sunny . nuff said

25th August
TheO had another tennis match (which she won ... now in 2 club finals v v proud) so I pottered off to the gym. In an effort for balance, and having done some crappy hill work and a long slow run, I thought I might try some speedwork.

5k in 27.09
stood on treadmill with timer stopped for 1min
9.40 for 1.1miles
stood on treadmill for 1min with timer stopped

3 fast miles but with gaps - was really quite pleased with that. It was a proper workout.
Followed that with a weights session. Got to go and sit in the sunshine and watch the end of the match - bliss.

26th August - TODAY
TheO is picking up their triathlon training and went for a swim and gym today. It was too much - I had to go to the gym again. I thought I might take it easy. I didn't.
Gym session all machines incl hip machine, all on a good level of effort; loads on the tummy machine.
1/2 mile on elliptical machine - a good 6min warm up.
Then a fast mile on running machine at 1% - 7.42 ... thought it was my fastest mile ever so was a wee bit gutted to discover it was 9 seconds slower. However - it was a v hard but controlled run where I felt I could have run more at the end (albeit at a slower pace), finally managed to control my breathing - loved it! Stretched out.

Came home, had some omlette and a nap in front of the footie.

Going away on Monday 'til Friday - whiskey tour of Scotland with TheO and her brother and sister-in-law. Desperately hoping I'll fit in some running. Wont see a gym though. Bugger. Have to keep this streak going.

I hope everyone had a good w/end.

ps/ Will post more on this later but what do people think about the categories used sometimes in the US for heavier (regardless of build/height) competitors: Athena and Clydesdale - would people like to see that category used here as an incentive for larger runners? It tends to be a voluntary category - you choose if you want to be part of it, but you choose when registering.

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