Thursday, 23 August 2007

Just about recovered.

Yesterday I was, quite literally, too tired to type.
You know what it's like - the sun is shining, you're feeling remarkably perky; you make a rash decision.

Ran the delightful bike path to St Andrews.
7 miles - 1.15.32

Average 10.48 p/mile
Sunny with light breeze hot but not too hot as there were great shade patches to run in - so sunny ultimately I almost burnt one shoulder and the rest of me went lovely and golden. :)
9.41 - good - downhill
10.16 - good
10.36 - good
11.18 - wtf
10.54 - average Took a gel at 5 miles in - helped immensely (not that the time shows it).
10.54 - average
11.49 - can you tell I haven't done this in a while?

5k in 31.40 - delighted
10k in 1.05.40 - less than delighted

3 min slower overall than 10wks ago

Good news - no blistering/rubbing or irritation from orthoses - so the aterations have worked their magic.

I was delighted by this run. It was slower than ideal but I didn't want to die at the end. My heart and lungs bore up extremely well. I managed to relax and just enjoy.

That was just the beginning of my day though:

Beach walk with dogs - tide was right out so took them further than usual - they were delighted. It was great to walk barefoot and wash my feet in the sea. Then, as TheO had come into town and picked me up (forever grateful) I said I'd pop to the gym with them.
3 x 12 reps on all machines and 80 tummy reps. Really pushed my arms but did lighter than usual on the legs. My shoulders and pecs are complaining this morning.
At teh end of the gym I finally hit the wall of sleepy. I was sitting on the arm curl machine and realised that the elbow support was just the right height to put my head on ... I think I drifted off for a minute or two.

Slept like the dead.

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londonjogger said...

to be three minutes off after a long lay-off sound really good. congrats and take it easy building back up - sounds like you didn't stop exercising yesterday.