Friday, 13 July 2007

Two things.

1. Last run was a delightful roughly 30min (took no watch - v relaxing) 5K through the woods. It was lovely and flat but I got bitten to b*ggery. Little black dog was delighted - she loved her run, think she might have missed our little sojourns together. TheO did a 13mile bike ride and was impressively quick.

2. Finally, after many years, TheO and I are getting 'civved up'. The venue is booked, the save the date hilariousness has been sent. The fact these things have been done on Friday 13th is only now beginning to dawn on me.

Below is the image we used on the save-the-date email.

Lets just say we're taking this seriously - just not too seriously.


Rae! said...

Great run!!!!Serious?Dating type??Not sure if I get the just of it.

SAM said...

"Civved uo" is our houses name for having a civil partnership.

londonjogger said...

hey Sam and Theo ... many congrats :)