Thursday, 5 July 2007

It must be true

Not only does the Runner's World quote bestow 'real runner' status upon me, but yesterday I collected my first (and at that price, I wish only) pair of orthotics .. *cough* I mean, my orthoses.

So having been told to TAKE IT EASY in them... I did the following.

Gym 12 min fast walking to test orthotics - weird but good. Thought I was going to have a blister on my right instep but all a-ok.

tummy machine
shoulder press
cross pull arm thingy

some lunges and free weights - generally a bit of a nasty-girlie session where I didn't have enough time and didn't put my heart in to it. Worked up a sweat though.

That evening:
run 1mile 9.09

Then 10 x 0.1 of a mile hill repeats - managed to keep to 10.09pace luckily.
Leisurely walk back in between each repeat. It was hot and horrid.

Then 0.1 mile home so 5k in total but I TOOK MY SWEET TIME

Wore orthotics the whole time - feel great when running, lighter on my feet and v supportive. My only concern is my foot seems to put more pressure on the outer edge of my bad heel; I've obviously been walking and running to protect it, and these push me back onto it. I've given it a blast with the foot file to remove a bit of the hard skin (did you ever want this much detail?) - that should help to relive the pressure a bit.

That was all yesterday - I expected some weird muscle aches from the orthotics but so far only a mild ache in my butt (which I blame on doing hills for the first time in months).


Rae! said...

well is your comment in this issue of Runner's world?I hope the shoes work for you.

jogblog said...

Today I have a black toenail, I think that makes me a real runner too :-)

Joggerblogger said...

Hope you get on with them ok - I've got some, not used them for a while.

SAM said...

rae! It's the UK issue of Runner's World this month.

Oooo jogblog - nice, just wait 'til you lose it - bleurghh - one of my least favorite things about running.

JoggerBlogger - love them - made all the difference - although still need to try a decent distance in them.