Saturday, 21 July 2007

A little brighter now. (Although the weather sucks.)

1. Thank you for the kind comments - they were much needed.

2. All is much improved. Turned out (as bloody always) that some of my black-mood was caused by hormones. The work situation has been sorted out to a wonderful conclusion & I've almost managed to get enough work done to calm myself down.

3. I went for a run (yipeeeeeee) yesterday.

4 MILES up to the peak of a nearby hamlet and back - lovely.

Ran with TheO we were 'slow as' - 12min miles, but it was a great run.
Great not to push it. Ran in the evening for the first time - set off at 9pm - was perfect. Not too hot. Light enough to be safe. Mmmmm - not to quote a well-know ad campaign, but to 'run at the speed of chat' (for me) was lovely. For the occasions when companionship is more important than competition this type of run can't be beaten. It was a beautiful night and the sky was all pink and glowing over the sea. We saw pretty chickens in people's gardens, interested horses, a turkey (!) and more rabbits than seems possible. Lifted the spirits immensely.

4. I am off on holiday soon (fly Tuesday am) to Iceland and I can't wait. Work can just chill for 2 weeks. Our dogs are being house sat by all our friends (in fabulous rotation) and life is good - I just have to calm down about it. I need an internet cafe when I'm there anyway so I'll try and give some snippets but if you don't hear from me I'm away having too much fun!

The off road driving was incredible. I had a go despite being petrified and it was AMAZING. We went down near vertical slopes, across mini lakes, climbed up giant boulders, rocked through huge ditches pitching from a 15degree angle one way to 23 the other. Got the adrenaline going and made me marvel at quite what Keith* can achieve.

* Keith is TheO's silver Land Rover Defender 90. He's usually full of dogs and surf boards, or mountain bikes. He regularly makes it up the hill to our house when Helga (my car) is left at the bottom (the snow and ice get too much for her). He has romped across TheBents on Coll (not for the faint hearted) but hasn't really been fully tested before - he loved it -like a puppy taken for it's first walk at the beach.

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