Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Running & Standing Still

Playing Catch-Up yet again! Nice to be having some busy life rather than same-old same-old.

So since we last spoke the following occurred:
A lovely friend of TheO's came to stay. He's an opera singer and appears to have a fabulously glamorous life travelling Europe doing various covers (understudy part) and shows. We celebrated his getting a cover in Glasgow by going out to The Fish Restaurant which is one of my favorite places - yummmmeeeeee.

On the 6th had a fairly disastrous run. Went up the back roads where it is hilly and managed a pathetic 4 miles in 43mins. Felt very heavy, had difficulty settling and it was hot and incredibly humid.

The w/end was packed with friends visiting. Cgar and Meep were brilliant fun in that we had loads of lovely dog walks (they have an 18month bearded collie) and a really relaxed time, plus there was the drinking of champagne. Then on Sunday we drove to Glasgow to meet The Cheese Board (there's 6 of us, we're extremely close friends, we like cheese) in THE CHEESE BAR which was lovely too. Gave us all a chance to touch base and drink champagne (again).

Monday dawned with the strong desire to run off some of the cheese. Went to the gym.

5k in 26.52 whoo hooo (1 % incline)

First 3 sub 9min miles in a row ever - delighted, chuffed and can't quite believe I've knocked so much time off my PB at the moment. Got to get back to distance work!

shoulder press UP 12 x 2 and 6 x 1 on 1 (pathetic)
triceps 12 x 3 on 3
cross pull 12 x 2 on 4
tummy machine 20 x 3 on 12

Today has been all about work and the wonderful golden dog.
She's had a stiff shoulder for a while. Rest always made it better but we saw that she was slowing down a bit. Today she had x-rays. Despite only being 7 she has arthritis in both shoulders and is looking at reduced exercise and pills for life. :-( Hopefully a course of anti-inflammatories will help, then she's on supplements (that glucosamine stuff runners know and love). No more runs for her. It's no exercise for a month which is really very sad - you try explaining that to a dog when you still have to take her 'sister' out for runs.


Joggerblogger said...

I love them runs when you feel like a heavy weight :-( Well done for doing it.

Sorry to hear about your pup :-( Hope the pills work.

londonjogger said...

excellent 5k time on the tread:)

Rae! said...

Nice job on the runs.Glad yo had fun with all your friends.I hope your dog starts to feel better.