Monday, 2 July 2007

Bizarrely TheO mentioned today that they fancied the gym - at a time that was both appropriate and possible for me. Lawks!

5k in 28.15 at 1% rise.
Hard work but worth it.

arms - biceps triceps
back - lateral pull
chest press
leg press
tummy machine -hmmmmm

After my running hiatus (wore my new pair of OLD triax 9s today and felt no pain during or after - possibility that the triax Xs are too corrective and twist my feet the wrong way?) I've discovered that my speed has not suffered at all - I am as fast, if not slightly faster having had time off. My stamina is shot-to-shit though. Which is a bugger. But hell, I'll get it back. I'm quite surprised though. It must be the additional gym work. I appear to have put on about 2lb of muscle over the 6-7weeks. It might be fat, but I'm not usually that self deluded. (Despite necking 10 jaffa cakes in 10min whilst driving home from the meeting at 9pm. I only bought them to get the card payment minimum... there were no good magazines at the garage - only porn.)

The importance of stretching is also becoming more apparent to me as I get into the running again. My legs begin to feel tight - must get back to the yoga too.

Can I just say, SERIOUSLY - what's with all the rain - IT'S JULY! *Head bent back screaming up at the sky.*

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