Saturday, 14 July 2007

Sunny, sunny day.

As it was so bootiful outside we decided to high-tail it to the gym (which is deserted on a Saturday - much to my surprise).

Quick weights - arms only:

biceps 12 reps x 2
triceps pull 12 reps x 3
lateral pull 12 reps x 3
tummy on weight 12. 20reps, 12reps, 12reps
tummy on weight 11 - 16reps
shoulder/pectoral push 12 reps x 2

4 miles in 40min on treadmill at 1%

30min (2.25) miles on elliptical at level 2 (Soooo sloooowwww.)

2 miles in 19.34 on treadmill at 1%

So 89.34 minutes cardio.

8.3miles total distance

Whilst running my muscles and breathing felt fine on the treadmill (if a little harder than I expected) but I had to stop (intention was to do 8 on the treadmill) as I was overheating (despite squirting water over my head and face). Extremely frustrating - just wanted to keep going but the heat was making me furious and panicy which feels bloody awful. Almost started crying - v weird. quick run to get more water and splash face then onto the elliptical for two of the slowest miles ever ... 13.30 each was enough of a break to then hop straight back onto the treadmill. The final push was worth it, left the gym feeling like super woman. Did lots of stretching in the sunshine. Feel like a new woman - weird fluctuations in mood though.

Cannot wait for the cold again - I run soooo much better.
Am going to get TheO to measure me again as I've put on about 5lb since my lightest but I don't think I look or feel any fatter. I probably am, but here's hoping it's all muscle.

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Rae! said...

wow what a workout.I can't wait till my endurance level is up like that. Great job!!!