Friday, 11 May 2007

Scream if you want to go FASTER

Aching today - but happy. Gym session yesterday, did my one mile - just to see how things are going. I used my first minute to move slowly from walking to running. Then I just ran and ran - my *new* 1 mile time is [drum roll please ...] 7.33!

This has given me a real boost. It was hard but not deathly, I could still walk and breathe afterwards (this is a real improvement). I'm a few tiny little seconds away from exactly halving my mile time since the first ever mile... and it's only taken 9 months and a couple of weeks. 15min initially, down to 7.33min for one mile.

The weights were also fab - my leg muscles are really beginning to 'pop' in all the right places. Underneath the flab I must be some kind of goddess........ Or maybe I was just too inspired while watching the Shakira and Beyonce video at the gym :) Just need to work those arms properly ... feels like the last place that the weight wants to leave.

Now I just have to start working on the mileage again. I've cursed the weather by buying summer running tops. It's plummeted to between 5 and 7 oC - that sucks. We were walking to dogs today and it really did feel like a cold autumnal day. Boo Hissssssss it'll have to be a run in the cold and the wet tomorrow - ick.

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