Wednesday, 9 May 2007


Blue ...
Still fairly happy about the w/end's race overall. Loved doing the distance. Thinking of applying for my next half - need these things to keep me going. Dundee - 1st of July - probably.
Went for a lovely 5K on Tuesday. Bad black dog was adorable, it was sunny but not too hot, managed a quick 29min overall and that included walking for a minute (during which time I re-tied my shoe as I was getting foot-ache). Took it easy but ran hard. I know that might not make sense, but walking for a minute is a big step for me - normally I ignore any pain. It felt like a nice short session after the w/end's exertions.
But still there is a cloud of blue around me. I had the realisation of why people end up running marathons and ultra distances. Only once will you ever finish your first race at a certain distance. I know, no matter how much I improve or change my pace nothing will feel like finishing my first half. (Still no intention to do a marathon.) I know that the endurance factor sets the brain into some kind of revelry. Setting goals and achieving them does the mind good like nothing else.

I can get faster, I can get fitter; but I can never again go through the finish line for the first time.

On a happier note I went to TKMAXXXXX to have a look for running tops - found exactly what I wanted for about a tenner each. Fab Nike tops from 'last season' reduced by 2/3 - made my sad and pathetic day feel much brighter. Then spent 20 min in JJB fighting with the new Nike bra. Hmmph - not impressed with the fit. It took me from a 38D to a 36C to get the right fit - but still no where near enough support to actually go running. Love the design, love the smooth straps and lack of seams, love the idea it wicks; hate the lack of support; and we all know that in a sports bra, only one thing really matters.

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