Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Normal Service

As promised normal service did resume yesterday. It was one of those glorious days: sunny, clear blue skies, an almost Mediterranean warm breeze. The bunnies, butterflies and birds were out in force. The hedgerows were in bloom (I would name them if I could). Generally the type of day that makes you glad to be alive.

Did a peaceful and someone plodderish 4 miles. It was a hilly route up the quarry and beyond.
10.08 (this includes walking for 25 seconds up a super-steep bit at the end, I just couldn't be arsed).

So 40.59 for 4 miles. I was trying to take it easy, not look at the time etc.
Still disappointed not to get a long run in last week; but in retrospect I think I needed the break. It was so nice to run again, really helped to clear my mind of work - and everything else.

There is one small fly in this ointment however, I seem to have a slightly niggly ankle pain. Inside of right ankle, quite high up, but also feels linked to the arch is a bit achy. Can feel it when I run but can also ignore it? Any words of wisdom?

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