Sunday, 20 May 2007

Running and Hurting

Ah well. There's the rub.
If only it did bloody rub and not ache indiscriminately.

3 miles in 30:20 BUT had a 5 min walking break as my foot hurt.

The arch on my right foot started to ache after 1.5 miles. At 2.5 miles it got a bit worse so I walked for a bit. Then I finished off running but the pain returned.

An ikooo injury, but an injury none the less.

Bizarrely the little black bitch Bridie didn't fancy a run either and only perked up on the way back. She stopped me for some water after .5 of a mile, she's a smart pooch.

I think I'll pop to the doctor just to check I'm not doing myself serious harm...

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