Monday, 28 May 2007

Crumbling Away - Let's play Catch-Up

Reader - I murdered him.

Well, not quite. I did pop in and see my lovely (and well trusted) local doctor - May 22nd. To my surprise he took one look (and a few squeezes) of my ankle and said, "You've got ligament damage, no running for 8 weeks, and no cycling!" I replied that it didn't hurt, it was only a niggle, did he really mean it? Was told in no uncertain terms he DID mean it and I was allowed to use the elliptical machine (as long as it didn't hurt) and do general, gentle use with some light stretching.

I was very polite, thanked him for his time and went and sat in the car and cried like a baby.

Now, I do realise that this seems (and is) a complete over-reaction. But those that know where I started from (a base of nothing, with no fitness and much wobbling lard) will understand that 8 weeks without running is a long time. The Dundee Half goes out the window. It took so long to get where I am now, that any set back feels so utterly defeating. Especially with an injury that I can't feel unless I run...(more on this later).

After two days of utter grumpiness and horrible depression I decided that I would use those 8 weeks to keep fit, and loose a little more weight; thereby making it easier on my body when I can run again. TheO has been extremely supportive and understands that I am not well disposed to feeling 'broken'. (There was a hideous car crash 7 years ago when I was in hospital for 7 weeks and had to learn how to walk again; any injury makes me extremely depressed.)

So with their encouragement we headed to the pool on 23rd May. I did a decent 40 lengths. First 20 I stopped every 4 lengths for a mini breather then I did the last 20 in a one-er. About 40min overall. 50% breast stoke 50%crawl. A good workout but not as satisfying as running, and my exercise log carefully states in big black letters that it F***ING SUCKS NOT TO BE ABLE TO RUN. (Let's just say I'm not completely adjusted to the situation.) However the good news was that it didn't hurt.

With this new found optimism (hmmmph) I used the elliptical machine on Friday 25th May and thank gd it didn't hurt either. A wonderful weightloss 4.15 miles in 45min. A SLOW but sweaty pace which really made me feel like I'd actually worked out. Fluctuating between 3 and 7 on the resistance scale, my legs felt much better afterwards - as did I.

Now that I've calmed down a bit I realised that there were lots of questions I wanted to ask a specialist about my ankle.
1. How did it happen (there was no 'moment of injury')?
2. How can I prevent it?
3. Seriously, do I really have to not run for 8 weeks?
4. If the above is true what are the best ways to keep my level of fitness up.
5. If I need orthotics - tell me now, so I can run into my dotage rather than be frickin' crippled.

So I'm going to see MAGICDOCTOR on the 14th of June (first appointment I could get). By that time I'll have had 3 weeks and 4 days without a run, so at least I'll have rested it properly.

Moving on. I had a wonderful (and in no way depressing because I couldn't run) w/end watching 2 friends complete the Edinburgh Marathon May 27th. One in a PB of 3.37 with almost no training (he's a kids sports advisor so spends all day, every day in physical activity - but even so...). We were impressed and hated his jammie-ness simultaneously. His girlf was just glad he survived. And RF - put in the most outstanding effort to come in at 4.30ish despite popping ibuprofen the whole way round and having a horrible ITB knee injury. She's done sub4h in the past but this finish was about pride - and she really pushed herself though the pain barrier. I was so gddamn proud. I know she'll be harsh with herself, even though her training was disrupted by injury. I know she'll be gutted - but she shouldn't be. It was an incredible thing to watch.
On a personal note, the only negative of the day was that after 3 1/2 hours on my feet spectating and a 1 mile walk to the bus my foot hurt bad. It went away during the bus journey, but then the 2 mile walk home made it hurt like hell. DAMN - this takes me out of a days hill walking next w/end too.

AH well, just time to eat less and get a few pounds off. This has also been a DISASTER all week as we had sis-in-law and the 'phews visiting.. Thai food, lunches out; then guests to entertain - more lunches out, then huge meal out pre marathon AND post marathon ... a very bad week.

All set for this week to be MUCH BETTER.


Ps Thanks for putting up with the HuuuuuuuuGE rant.

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Joggerblogger said...

Hope you get over the injury sooner than rather than later. I have an ongoing love hate relationship with my ankle...I feel your stress