Monday, 6 December 2010

Not running but thinking. Possibly just ranting.

Crimble, crumble and all things chr....

The snow, the m*f* snow. One or two days is pretty Now we're up to our 10th day (here in Edinburgh). One of my great loves of the British weather is that is changes. Just seeing a white winter wonderland is lovely, but I don't like the same-ness - I find it slightly repressive, particularly today as it's a bit foggy and I can't see far enough. I'm a girl who needs a big vista.

Now that does seem like a bit of bah-humbug but I've been stymied left, right, and center by the white stuff. I was meant to go and see RF tonight (no chance); no Granny Green's for 2 weeks; and I'm desperately waiting on materials to make stuff - despite ordering them 11 days ago...

On that note huge thanks and praise go out to Royal Mail - after 5 days I got post from them; and my postie is battling through the snow (with a smile) and constantly friendly. City Link on the other hand have failed to deliver anything, and have failed to update their tracking system.

Also, to continue in this ranting frame, snow stops me running, and makes me eat more as it's so cold... this is not a good combo. This is, in fact, a bad combo. I *could* go to the gym, but I still baulk at £6.50.

Hmm, but what have I been up to? (Apart from ranting against the snow.) Well the chg came up for a visit and we just chilled out and enjoyed the snow (1st two days - I still thought it beautiful).
I've also managed to enjoy some lovely meals with friends who were enjoying/feeling guilty about getting snow-days. Tried Treacle for the first time with Meeper & it was lovely. Great value, super lovely service, and really enjoyable food. A pie will actual pastry, and sides - not just a square of dust piled on top! I was then lucky enough to be cooked for by HH - she made great stroganoff, and we drank fizz whilst watching crappy tv - what perfection.

We (HH, Blarney and me) all braved the snow & christmas shoppers to go bridesmaid dress shopping. I think we did a great job, lots tried, many ideas gleaned and just a lovely catch-up and girlie day. Can't remember the last time I did that - maybe with RF around her Birthday... hazy of brain, must be the cold.

In between all this I managed to get all of my xmas shopping done - and the important stuff is now sent (although who knows when it'll get there). Christmas cards were also posted on the first. I feel far too organized, but it does make for a calm December. I just need to buy/order the food now... even the xmas tree is ordered to collect nearer the time.

Today only a tiny treat (and a lovely bagel) from Manna House saved me. The walk to the post office and back had me practically crying with cold despite being properly dressed. Two pairs of gloves (one lined) and my hands hurt so much even warming them up was miserable.

Right. I need to try and work on what things I can. Still snowing, no let-up in many hours.

Merry Christmas all.

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