Friday, 24 December 2010

Almost that time of year again. 2010 - a summary.

2010 - it's been a ...

It's been too much to sum up in one word, so I thought I'd try just a few more. Here's a month by month summary - 12 months in 69 words (dude).

No heating. Curling.
Break Up. Incredible friends.
Paris. Secured flat.
Incredible friends. Ceramics.
Meet chg. Celebrate friends BDays.
Bridie goes. Discover Acoustic Dave.
21212 & spa with Meeper. Marrakesh.
Festival Madness. Scotland trip & discover Orkney.
Move to Edinburgh. chg moves to London. See new house on the Island.
Manchester. London. House warming.
London. Granny Greens. Time to Breathe.
Bridesmaid dress shopping. Chopper xmas party. Xmas expectation & preparation.

Ultimately I can't have imagined this year; but then the things you don't expect are often the most fundamentally life changing and life enhancing. It's been a big year: Friends have got married, friends have got engaged, friends are emigrating, and it starts and ends with SNOW. Not only is snow a challenge that makes you realise you are at the whim of the elements, but also makes you want to play like a kid. Bloody brilliant.

Not even the random occurrence of my neighbour (below) letting me know the main soil pipe is frozen could dampen my xmas spirit. [Luckily neighbour across the way has given me her key (and is away) so we have a loo until the thaw comes!! Thereby demonstrating that it pays to be nice to your neighbours, and friendly! She gets a big bunch of flowers as a thank you come 2011.] Although this does make it clear that plumbing problems are not just restricted to country dwellings. (Damn it... DAMN IT.)

I'm looking forward to 2011 with much, much happiness as I sit in my warm and lovely flat with a snoring dog beside me, a fridge full to bursting, and the chg on her train north. Only my cold is a minor irritation, but then again, even that could be worse. It's just a cold.

There's a lot to look forward to in 2011. I've got another birthday approaching. (I like birthdays but can't quite understand how they seem to be so close together these days!) There are wedding's aplenty; I even get to be a bridesmaid for the very first time! And a whole world of opportunity out there. (Some possibly exciting work projects in the planning!)

I normally give a running update at this point but shucks, the running has been a bit poor this year. Still churning out 5ks with regularity - but life has been a bit busy... I do have ONE decent stat for the year: January saw me do my fastest ever 10k at 53.40... pretty sure there's been no improvement on that... might even be much slower. But hell, I'll get there. More running is definitely in the plan for 2011. Need a few more 1/2 marathons under the belt. Maybe when the ice clears ... whenever that might be.

There have also been many challenges this year, not least of which was behaving like a grown-up when my contractor held his phone towards me and said: I've got some great pictures of black knobs for you!

Ah, the kitchen does look good.
Moving on to 2011 at great speed.

Enormous amounts of love to all my incredible friends and all those who have helped to turn 2010 into something very very special.

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