Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Running away

I ran, then I forgot about it. It was when it was clear enough from snow and ice (sort of) to attempt a run round Arthur's Seat. I managed 3.5 miles (mostly as the 5K was so slow I had to keep going ... side stepping the ice had been a bugger). I think it was about 34.50-odd. Not stunning. Think it was last Thursday morning first thing. It was about -3 and lovely with it.

But I do love it, and I felt like I could have definitely run substantially further. But the gold dog was not happy. Not happy at all. Too much ice. There was even a tiny bit of limping at the end. I don't think it's caused by running, I think it's caused by when she goes completely puppy-mental in the snow. She rolls, dives, and generally makes a complete fool of herself; even turning her nose into a doggy snow plough.

Now all Christmas making is done - or at least all Christmas making that I can get done. The collet inside my millbro fractured into pieces today .... just glad most things were done; only some hand finishing took extra time.

Just food to buy and house to clean. But the tree is done. It's short and fat ... no funny comments please. :-) All presents bought, sent, wrapped and ready. Come on Christmas, I'm ready for you now!

Merry Christmas one & all.

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