Thursday, 9 December 2010

Run v. Brownie

I did go for a run. It was wonderful and I felt fantastic doing it. I just loved it. It had been too long; the snow, snow, snow has permanently held me back. Although 32 minutes for 5k was (for me) sodding shocking; but there was a lot of ice and snow to avoid - in Peckham... not Edinburgh. And the time has come for running sweat-top not t-shirts, and long tights - oh, and gloves. Brrrrr

Spent most of my run thinking about how import running was to me. How much it had changed me as a person. More confident, more willing to do stuff, try stuff, and just more willing to interact with life in general. Also how differently it has made me think about my body. I don't know if it's age, or a change in physique, but I now feel quite happily neutral about my body. Nothing to be proud of, but nothing to be ashamed of either. It seems like quite a nice place to be.

The gold dog was on pretty good form during the run - she wasn't up to full speed, but she was definitely content, and is now enjoying a well deserved snooze next to me.

I also did some sit ups and some press-ups when I got back. Trying on multiple bridesmaids dresses definitely let me know that my arms need some serious work... (and the rest of me, but the dresses cover most of that).

Hmm, a short walk to get stuff posted, and get some shopping - and now I'm almost taken away by the richness and size of the brownie that's been eaten. Maybe a little lie down would help... aww gold dog now woofing and growling in her sleep - she always dreams more when she's had a really good set of exercise.

Enough waffle - I must get some work emails done ...

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