Thursday, 25 November 2010

Still running around like a headless chicken

I could claim illness (it was a v mild cold). I could claim lack of time (work has been marginally busy). I could claim cold weather (but we all know I looooove to run in the cold).

So really, I've just been a bit of a slacker.

I have made a small electronic thing with random flashing lights at Granny Greens - it involved soldering and everything. Never happier than when surrounded by pliers and doing a task that's both tricky enough to demand a little concentration - but also not so fiddly that you're tempted to throw it across the room in frustration. Also re-started my enormous blanket. It's such a big project that everyone who sees it says I might finish it before I'm 90, if I'm lucky!

Had a wonderful cocktails and dinner at The Dogs with the cheeseboard. Nothing makes you feel old like finding the music too loud somewhere (although I thought the dj was doing a stonking job) - and having to find somewhere else quieter.... a bit of a contrast to bouncing up and down to ska. But life needs all of these things. Everything in abundance - moderation is for the weak!

Then RF threw a party. A lovely winter country party where incredible food was pulled from the aga - the mountain of mash was unending (in a good way) - and the bed after whisky was comfortable (beside the stove for me!). The company wasn't half bad either. A short walk and tasty lunch - I had an Afternoon Tea with HH - were the perfect antidote to some mild hangovers.

And after those days of excess I've been constantly telling myself I was *just about* to go out for a run. But then something always came up, like lethargy, or a cup of tea. Or more cake with friends.

But today - after stepping on the scales and finding myself at the top of my personal comfort zone I know the time had come. So me (and the newly mental gold dog) went out for a run. Up The Seat again. 5k - 29. 14 - my uphill doesn't really seem to be improving (10.48), but my flat and downhill were better (the quads will be screaming tomorrow) 9.17 and 8.20 respectively.

So I'm .... Oooo - just checked the last runs, I lied - it appears my uphill is considerably better. Hmmm, as so often happens after a break - the legs are keen for a run-out. I'll continue to be happy if I can pull off that trick again... Where was I. Oh yes, so I'm quite happy with that really and psychologically it's always great to get under the half hour. If only I can actually keep up some sort of running regime I'll be happy. Still need to work on the 3 times a week that it used to be.

It feels like just getting out and going for a run should not be a success - it should be sodding normal.

Well, what with life being more complicated now and with me desperately trying to make my way in the world - please, go on, buy stuff from Lucklaw Silver - save a starving (*cough*) runner and her little dog. I'll have to pimp out the dog for pats soon, and she'd like it, I know she would - but I'm not sure she'd cope with the shame. ;-)

Now I'm just waiting for snow and looking forward to seeing the Christmas lights as I know Edinburgh does a good line in twinkly at this time of year.

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