Saturday, 12 June 2010

Every year..

I suck at Juneathon. And yet every year I keep coming back for more. It is the great unfinished race for me. The blot on my landscape.

I keep 'doing stuff' (summarised below) but life keeps taking the sodding piss and distracting me. No kidding.

However Wednesday:
2.2m dog walk
And I'm pretty sure I went to the gym and ran 5K. How flaky is that - I can't even remember... but I'm sure I did...
Thursday: a shocking 1.5m dog walk.
Friday: Improvement - a 2m dog walk then in the gym a hilly 2m run in 17.48; then the fully tummy series and the full arms series. (Proper exercise!)

So really, I'm not doing that badly, but I'm also not doing too well. Will try and get better - but life is v hectic.

Although, despite the Juneathon thing it is nice to be back in the habit of blogging. Even if it's just drivel. Even if I'm not running far enough and I have to get into training for the Coll Half marathon. Bugger - should start planning that now. Eeek.


The Professor said...

Well it is nice to have you back blogging. Godamn it woman, I have a routine and your not blogging was disrupting it.... ;P

Hannah said...


Good luck with Juneathon!

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keens said...

Good to see you with juneathon....
Good luck on your planning for the Coll Half marathon.