Thursday, 16 September 2010

So, it really has been a while.

It's not that I stopped running - but I sort of did for a bit. (I'm back in the saddle now - one run on Monday and I'm *just about* to go out for another.)

Life got a little bit hectic. A little bit different. And a lot better.

I'll start by saying that I met someone (CHG) - and it's all good. But that's all the detail you'll get about that.

The last 3 MONTHS - (3 months - holy christ! how did that happen) have been quite sociable and included the following: (Any details missed out are purely accidental and if I've missed anything vital - screw it.)

1. Sometime in the summer RF & Wheeler had a BBQ - this involved the police (due to a crash down the road, not our antics) and drinking whisky all night... yes, all night. I went to bed at 6am. It was a great party... I think.

2. I discovered the joy that is Acoustic Dave. I had help in this discovery from a psychic Australian... this sounds like the start of a bad joke - all true I swear.

3.Very kind friends who hold BBQs (see above) lent me an incredible pad in Edinburgh on the basis that I did a little light painting. They are forever blessed. In fact, that might be why the Pope is visiting.

4. Managed to catch up with a visiting friend from the states. He was hale, happy, and flashing his new iPad and iPhone 4 - we didn't talk much, there were gadgets to drool over.

5. MaYa and brood descended for a lovely few days in Perthshire. 'Phews were fantastic company and I think all had a good time (including me).

6. I carried my dog into a ceramics class in a bag for 3 days and she behaved impeccably! They still miss her (more than they miss me). I still have to go and finish some pieces... one of which is a fancy dog bowl...

7. I was treated to an incredible spa day and lunch at 21212 in Edinburgh. Many thanks go out to Meeper and Ceegar.

8. I finally saw a new continent by going to Marrakesh with RF & HH for 5 days. A better trip could not have been had. Thanks to HH for all the planning & organising.

9. Lots of good times, and good food, with friends old a new. This sounds quite general but they did all make it a great summer.

10. The beginnings of festival madness: Nina Conti, Phil Kay, Dead Cat Bounce.

11. An incredible trip round Scotland. Stopping points: Lunan Bay, Secret Location near Inverness, Dunnett Head - THEN ON TO ORKNEY* - Across Sutherland, down the west to Ullapool (not Unapool which is substantially closer when driving!), back to Inverness, then Fort William, then back to Edinburgh to finish festival madness with:

12. Henry Rollins & Chris Addison. (Not together - that would be quite something.)

I'll pause my list here to say that Orkney was incredible. Not only was it beautiful but new acquaintances were kind, generous, funny, and loved the gold dog (again, far more than me). It could not have been a more spectacular trip. Particularly heading out to a far flung island to find stunning weather, white sand beaches, and Caribbean blue seas! Felt privileged to have seen it all.

13. Then, just to top off this madness I moved house. It was a little more stressful than anticipated. Advice: Never let anyone give you a moving quote over the phone, insist they come and see it! It was a shitty experience and one I hope not to repeat. However, it was one day. And I am delighted with how the new place turned out. Still got to unpack the workshop - but I'm getting there. Managed to feed friends 48h after moving in ... not bad, I think. Optimism was rewarded.

14. After moving I then loaded the wee car with CHG's stuff and headed to London. As it's only right that the week I move to Edinburgh, she moves to London... c'est la vie!

15. I'm now enjoying London life in small bursts. EXPOSED exhibition at the Tate was the first cultural highlight (although it's bloody depressing).

Now I'm off for my second run of the week. The first being 5k in 30.40 - I was unimpressed with myself - but that's what you get for not having run in about a month (the fact I don't even know disturbs me). All I know is it was along the water of Leith and it was before going to a festival show as I was trying to exercise the gold dog...

So, once more into the breech. Good to be back - lets hope I can keep up this blogging malarkey after such a long hiatus.

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MF said...

All brilliant stuff and I'm sure you'll be back into the running in no time... :o)