Sunday, 6 June 2010

Got it all worked out.

So - it's a day where I have both exercised (properly) and am blogging before midnight. Who knew I was capable of this feat? (Not me.)

The exercise:
A 2mile dog walk in the pouring rain (shows commitment) followed IMMEDIATELY by -

1m in 8.48 (Aerobic setting 1) on the treadmill
2.2m on the bike (took 10min) - exercise score '46' - whatever that means
1m on the arm bike in 5.25 (resistance level 5)
Full tummy series
1 mile on the elliptical, crossramp 19 - 11.50 time
Full arm series

Did work hard, but did also take it slowly moving between exercises - this could not have been called 'circuits'; more like 'ambles'. Had lunch too late (and too close to exercise) to make my body happy about doing any sustained distance running. But feel better for working the whole body out. My muscles will ache tomorrow. Sunday exercise feels like an act of worship, so quiet in the gym, and Friday Night Comedy (from Radio4) on the ipod makes the time scoot past.

Off to make myself a little less skanky - and dry some v wet dogs... it's an exciting life.

ps If I lived close enough I'd bribe jogblog with wine too - lets hope Juneathon isn't fixed! :-)

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Shunningrunning said...

Just run with the dog and you don't have to mess around with all that nonsense afterwards ;)