Friday, 4 June 2010

Day 3 - honest.

Day 3 was good as exercise went. Then I ended up working 'til 3.30am ... and neglecting to blog.Damn - I'll get this sorted at somepoint this month.

Exercise was: 2.4m dog walk
2mile run on Crosscountry 1 setting in 17.37
Then 40 crunches
Then 2 sets of 12 tricep exercises. (one with weight 10, one with weight 12).
Then I kept wondering why my shoulders hurt.

Now I'm more tired than is right. But lots of things were achived. And today I can just chill out and take RF shopping for her bday treat.

Juneathon is bloody brilliant for focus though. And the good news is I *might* be getting better!

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