Sunday, 22 November 2009

Glut or Famine, that's all you get with my posts.

Dogs walked
House Cleaned
Gym Attended.

Broke my 5mile record today. 45.04 for 5 miles miles. Would have loved to get it just under the 45min but was DELIGHTED.

A bit knackered now but really, how perfect can a Sunday be. A clean house, a great gym session, and our neighbours are about to take us out for a curry. Bliss.

All of the run was done on Aerobic setting 1, so this means 10min+ was all at 3%; 10min+ was at 2%; 20min+ was at 1%; and the rest was at 0%. It was a great run, the kind that makes you happy to be alive, and glad to have left the house in the pouring rain (again).

Ah, sigh of relief.

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Anonymous said...

5 miles and a curry 2 boot....all's good yes?