Thursday, 12 November 2009

4 miles

Managed 4 miles in the gym on the treadmill on Tuesday, all on aeroic 1 setting as usual,
then lots of stretching and 10 full on press-ups. no stopping. This rocked.

the run was in 36.40 which pleased me as this was 9.10 a mile and not too strenuous. Also, my achillies is finally feeling as it should - result.

Life is returning to normal - I got some nice work pieces posted out. On time. I've started a new blog, and am feeling the pressure of trying to organise my thoughts on the topic of domesticity. Here it's easy. I come in, I write about running, and then I bugger off again. There, it feels like I should really be quite concise about committing my thoughts to ... screen.

But, much, much, much more excitingly we went to the Highland Wildlife Park today which rocked all sort of socks. We saw the polar bear (in her new and lovely enclosure), the TIGERS and their CUBS, red pandas (which were showing off big time), Elk, Bison, Wild Horses, an otter, Arctic Foxes, Japanese Monkeys, Snowy Owls, and all manner of things with horns related to deer in some way. It was marvellous and I can't wait to return, even if I am a grown-up and have no small children to use as an excuse.

And tomorrow we have a Cheeseboard meet up (yay!) and the next day we have a mystery night away with friends. And my Dad's no longer being detained in Kazakhstan. So a good few days all in all.

Off to bed to watch trashy US crime drama, what more can go right.