Saturday, 5 December 2009

Still going strong

Well, a little weakly today as I went to circuits last night for the first time in TWO MONTHS. TWO. MONTHS. How the hell did that happen, and oh god why did I go back if it hurts sooo much?
Ah well, I'm pretty sure it does me good, in some way.

We have, as usual been pretty goddamn busy. It never seems to stop.
After the dogs were clipped (they may just have forgiven us) we headed south. Our first stop was a B&B - and it was crappy. Not the kind of crappy where you can complain, just the weird every surface is painted peach and an old man is watching the god-channel in the lounge way. They did food. I was served an entire quiche for 6 people... I tried v hard not to eat it all. She didn't have ANY caffeinated coffee in the house... in case she was given some by accident. In what world could that happen? GIVE ME MY DAMN COFFEE IN THE MORNING. *and breathe*

Then we made it to Staffordshire which was delightful and quite relaxing. Although it was a place that highlighted by addiction to the internet. I need to do something about that. Really,do you think blogging helps?

After a few days there we went on to London (a first for the dogs!) and all went swimmingly. We ate wonderful food, far too often, and far too much. But it was delightful. Also managed to catch the Maharaja exhibition which is ££ but worth it. Spent some time with other sister-in-law which was lovely as we don't get to see her much.

In London I paid £15 to run for 45min. It makes me quake to think of it. But, the only up side was that those 45min covered 5 miles dead - and this makes it a new PB for 5 miles. 4 miles at 2% and 1 mile at 1.5% so not slacking on the incline... delighted.

On Sunday after tennis, tea, brunch and many other meals along the way we headed north. And my god is that a long journey. I swear the entire M6 is just one set of roadworks after the other. Pah.

We arrived home to find that Dotty had not managed to find the appropriate key and therefore our house was COLD AS THE GRAVE. Or possibly colder. It took a fire, and many blankets before we even thawed through. Good to be home though.

I feel a bit like I've sleep walked though the last 4 days. Who knows what happened, not much, and yet I've been busy. Just catching up with life, work and everything I think.

It seems like 1 exercise session a week is all I've managed recently. Must UP this significantly or Christmas will end up bloating me to the size of a house. Eeeek.

Right, off to write other blogs and maybe even head to bed.
Oh it feels good to be back.

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