Sunday, 22 November 2009

I've been neglecting you.

After the 4 miles it's been a complete whirlwind.
Stayed with Spartan and Blarney with BLARNEY COOKING. She did a fantastic job (the first time she's ever cooked for 6 people) with 2 full courses, the final of which was cheesecake !!!! my personal favourite.

Then we had a night away with a wine tasting and 6 course dinner. Wheeler and RF were happy to accompany us as TheO's gift to RF to help stave off her SAD. It was a brilliant night, good food, good wine, good chat. Went to bed most lubricated and fell asleep to the sound of rain pouring on the chalet roof. Wonderful.

The next morning we fortified ourselves with breakfast and headed out on a dog walk. One of the wettest dog walks I've ever taken part in. We walked for a good hour and saw the view down the valley just before the weather closed in (again).

After that it was full steam ahead, first to the new cottage where RF and Wheeler are staying. TheO made them dinner for later and RF and I built a wardrobe whilst Wheeler emptied out 'the kit room'. A very productive afternoon all round.

Then, despite this being designated as a 'quiet month' MaYa was due to arrive with Tertius. She needed to get lots of things sorted for the new house so we spent many days looking round John Lewis, Dundee and Perth to find tiles,bathrooms and the like. I think it was time use productively. (Particularly as we managed to fit in Dim Sum with Blarney too!)

But this is meant to be a blog about exercise (but the walk counts, honest)!
So, on the 18th I managed to get back to the gym.
5k in 27.46 - aerobic 1 setting. Really pushed it! It felt good to get back in there.
Then 11 proper press ups, a small rest then, 4 proper press ups.
36 sit ups
2 proper press ups -ok, 2 weak wobbly arm things that shouldn't really count.
6 scissor leg up/down things
20 bicep curls w/4kg weight
15 tricep dips
DONE (definitely said in Gordon Ramsey tones).

Since then life has been getting back to normal, catching up on all the things that need to be done. Organising a whole bunch of stuff for Christmas. And time is still running away with me.

We're off to the Peak District and London next week. It should be fun.
Right. I'm off to have breakfast (a little late I know), finish the cleaning and then go to the gym. Oh yes, and the dogs desperately need a walk..... damn.

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