Saturday, 7 November 2009

It's just a blogging frenzy.

So, I've finally got the whole house clean. This means nothing to you, dear reader, but means a great deal to me. It means peace of mind. Now I can get on with the rest of my to-do list.

But, I'm really here because I went to the gym today. Despite not wanting to. Despite being knackered. But TheO said she didn't want pizza (Tesco Finest Oven pizza, not, sadly, Dominos) if she hadn't worked out. And this thought alone made me say, "Aw, let's just go." She'd done a workout yesterday so wouldn't have felt bad if she'd had a day off... Me, I've been slacking for days.

So I did lots of different things for a change today. (Also I'm nursing what threatens to be a minor achilles injury, it's just a bit stiff and sore in the morning, so I might take it easy on the ole legs for a bit.)

I did:
Reclining Bike (Precor) Fitness Test Setting. This took 10min and told me I had a HIGH level of Fitness (score 38). This pleased me no end.
1 mile run in 9.15 - at 1.5% for the whole way.
10min/2.4miles on the arm bike. Hill Setting, Level 5.

Then TheO moved onto the mat exercises, which is where I was heading, and she started doing press-ups. Not girlie press-ups oh no! Real press-ups. I marvelled at her prowess and then felt a bit jealous. I've never been able to do press-ups. My massive arms are apparently all fat. But as she said, "Go on, give it a go!", my arms suddenly worked. I managed 7 real press-ups in a row and felt like I'd just won xfactor (or something I might actually care about).

I then followed this up with:
6 lifting and crossing leg lift things. (6 each leg)
6 alternate leg/arm raise tummy lifts (6 each leg)
Plank for 1min
3 more press-ups
12 sit ups

It all rocked socks. I did just enough to get a real, massive, endorphin boost and I can't believe I can finally do press-ups. (Although I must work on this so I can do more!)
My reward. PIZZA!

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Anonymous said...

Missed your Jed Half Report....don't beat yourself up about that done good make no mistake....running a Half is a huge ask...but you did....Well done...Alaistair...