Friday, 5 June 2009

No, the microwave risotto didn't kill me.

I know that you'll all have been concerned that I haven't managed to update in quite some time.

Ma came to stay - delightful, was bitten by the gardening bug in her presence, mostly as we went to see such beautiful places... gets you thinking.

Spent a w/end with Spartan and Blarney trying to distract them from impending parenthood and looming decorating. Antiquing played a lovely role in this.

Wheeler and RF visited and returned The Strimmer of Dooom. So I naturally had to spend the following days srtimming, raking and trying to make the garden look controlled.

ManU lost the champions league.
Another amazing w/end with Ceegar and Meeper - see details on TheO's blog. We ate. A lot.

Neighbour took pity on my lawn (and me, I hope) as the big mower had to be sent away for yet more fixing; and we mowed for hours...

I clipped the pooches, and later that night they had a huge fight in the garden. Had to have an emergency vets apt at 11pm. Luckily dogs ok, and vet lovely.

Blarney didn't pop the sprog so TheO distracted her with the pinkest of pink shoes. (I go greeeeen when I see them.) God bless Harvey Nicks, and places that serve coffee and cake!

Today I also, finally, only 7 months after moving in, got all of my workshop set-up in one location. With power, and the usual crappy heating. It feels v v good to have got it all done, and to finally know where everything is. Might stop me being such a grumpy bugger.

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