Tuesday, 19 May 2009


That was bloody awful. 5k - 30min bang on. Not terrible apart from I felt like I hadn't run in aaaages. Maybe that was because I hadn't run in 13days.

The good news is that I'm fit enough to help friends strip wallpaper and sand floors for 3 days straight. (House is really getting there and Spartan & Blarney have bagged themselves a bargin!) I'm fit enough to have a fantastic 14mile bike ride with TheO - small break for picnic mid cycle. I'm fit enough to go quad biking (which is nout except sitting on your arse really) and walk for almost 2h with 3 dogs. However as I am fit enough to do and enjoy all these things I lose my own fitness if I don't top-up with some serious other exercise - like running.

So, whilst it wasn't a disaster (although I did aim for 4 miles and then just give in) it did feel quite rough. My legs fel tight, my lungs found it hard and I almost forgot how to drink whilst running.

But, and there is an upside, it was damn nice to get out there again. I managed to time it so I went inbetween showers. A wonderful spring/early summer evening with baby bunnies and swallows everywhere and fields filled with cavorting lambs.

Other highlights that really made me delighted today are: the rest of the plumbing finally got fixed. Which means I can get started in the garden. (Oh god, I really never thought I'd use those words.) And tick off loads of stuff that has been seriously lurking on my to-do list. Brilliant.

In other news we apear to have bagged ourselves a serious antiques bargin. We bought a set of china... I know, like we needed more plates. But we bought it because it was beautiful, and really very cheap... Ikea cheap. It's cream and green with a great art deco pattern. We only ever buy stuff 'cos we like it, not ever for an 'investment' but this time we might have struck 'china gold'. It's original 1930s and it really, really, rocks. When we got it home and unwrapped all 69 pieces we checked the details online. Even taking into account damage and stuff (and some is very worn) we still paid about a 20th of what it would be worth if we sold it piece by piece. However all we're going to do is use it. Like it was intended.

As TheO is out, helping Spartan and Blarney with house shenanigans (and I'm a lazy arse) I'm off to make a microwave risotto. Wish me luck.

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