Friday, 12 June 2009

Still slacking

Now, when you read - you'll understand the slackerage. But really, I need to get my arse in gear.

I've managed a lovely night our for dinner with HH, Tigger and Badger who were all in delightful form. Hastily thrown together by TheO as HH was having a nightmare set of hours and stress at work. Luckily she's getting to the end of the tough bit.

I've spent 2 days cleaning the house - in very vigerous and determined style - things have been cleaned that hadn't had a proper going over since we moved in! (Eeeeek) And as I had to shower after doing it, it definitely counted as exercise!

Then MaYa turned up, with her 3 boys. And my were they the most deliciously delightful that they've ever been. Apart from Eldest running in on arrival and throwing his arms around me and saying, "I'm soooooo happy to be here!"; they all were incredibly good. Now this was aided by Aunty Fun and mygoodself. We took them to an activity park on their first day. Huge swings, slides, castle, go-carts, zip line, tramploines, the whole lot. They loved it and ran themselves compeltely ragged - as did we. A double go-cart peddling up hill on gravel with a heavy boy in tow is no easy feat.

The next day we took them to Butterfly World. Less of a 'world', more of a 'big-green-house'. It was identical to when I was last there - 20 years ago (the horror of that statement has still not left me). The boys loved it, even Middlist was impressed by the creatures, the flowers, the fish and everything else. The very best bit was handling the creatures though. A giant millipede, a python and a tarantula were all presented for handling - it was brilliant. I'd never held a snake before! And I'm never holding a tarantula - thought I'd be ok - but TheO took great joy in being 'brave and unconcerned Auntie'. I'm still in awe.

On our way back from Butterfly World, Blarney and Spartan were kind enough to invite us to see the new babe - and my, were they brave when they invited in MaYa and all of her brood. MaYa was DESPERATE to see them and it all worked out well. They were marvellous for those who'd been home from the hospital all of 24h. Luckily they survived our visit and the joy of seeing them both ok, and meeting the new babybel was spectacular. I think both grandmothers were doing a fine job of being incredibly helpful, and slightly taken aback by the vast number of us.

On their final day of the Islanders visit our Neighbour brought her pony round and the boys got pony rides in the garden. It was pretty magical. Until the moment we realised middlist was seriously allergic to horses and his eyes swelled up horribly. Poor boy had to go inside, wash, and be comforted with milk ("in microwave" was asked for), and a dummy. Luckily the swelling did go down, but he was a little miserable.

They pushed off after lunch and we breathed a huge sigh and collapsed. But not for long as our neighbours were coming round for dinner. As I felt truly dreadful for a bit, TheO did sterling service and both went shopping and rustled up a huge chilli. Neighbours walked in with strawberries and champagne - a delight.

Making up for the lack of juneathon proper we went to circuits last night and knackered ourselves completely. It was hard work, and I'm horribly overweight at present - AND horribly out of shape. Must do better. Off to do some yoga before going out.

Juneathon days completeed: 8/12

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