Sunday, 14 June 2009

A v good day.

Now I'm not just about the running, I'm also all about the handbags and shoes. That might be why today goes down as a v good day.

This morning I bounded out of bed at high speed (after a crappy night with not enough sleep, any time you go to bed and the birds are already awake... you know is not going to work well) to desperately try and get the mower going. My last hope was to charge the battery over night and try it in the morning. I knew we had plans for later in the day, and it was due to pour for about 2 days - so it was now or never. Luckily everything worked like a dream - I managed to finish the mowing about 5min before RF arrived. Another big job ticked off for a few days at least. (Damn grass - just keeps growing.)

We three headed out for a mammoth shop of House of Bruar. The place is a labyrinth of loveliness. And not only did TheO get RF some bday presents (as her gift was SHUNNED I tell you, SHUNNED ... okay, when asked if she wanted to exchange them, she didn't say no) which are truly lovely; she also spoiled me! I got a stunning dark brown bag (see below) I've been lusting after online for weeks, and a fantasticly simple and stylish pair of shoes that might stop me wandering rouund in muddy crocs the whole time whilst small children run up to me and say, "I've got those shoes." Whilst this is sweet, it's not great form for a 30yr old who is neither in her garden or on holiday.

But it really wasn't just the shopping that made it a good day - we just pottered, wandered and enjoyed each others company. We found that there was fantastic food there, and a range of cakes which almost stumped us for choice. (It got quite sad, we had to stand back and keep waving people passed us as we just. could. not. choose. - hmmmmm.) I also managed to get TheO a necklace she really liked - some simple pearl/beads in different greens and creams, it suits her perfectly. Picking up a few pieces for supper at the deli topped off our trip and we all headed home delighted.

Once home I got all the chores done and began to regret the cake, and regret how lazy I was becomming. It's been all too easy to be 'busy' and therefore not go for a run. As it was a lovely clear evening, not too warm, and I thought it would be a shame not to put it to good use.

I headed out telling myself I would try for 5 miles as it's been far, far, too long since I ran that distance. (7 weeks!) I also told myself that even 4 would be fine, as I haven't been running much. After 2 miles I knew I could turn and head home, but when it's only another half mile to the turn around it seems churlish to stop. I told myself that if the worst came to it I could always walk the last bit home. Then it struck me; as thoughts often do when you're running alone and your brain has time to empty and refil at will; I needed to run 5 miles, I needed to set myself targets and attain them, I need to enjoy the little accomplishments, enjoy getting things done rather than the (occasionally complete arse) slog of doing them. Running gives me those small accomplishments. I can complete a run that was: longer than my last/hillier than my last/faster than my last/just better than sitting on my arse. Today I felt that accomplishment and also felt like I'd mentally turned a corner; I like getting things done so why winge about doing them, I like having a nice place to live and if that takes some work sobeit. This doesn't mean I'll never winge again as soon as the next large electrical item packs-in, but I might try a little more prespective. (This is beginning to sound a little too optimistic... I might try just not letting it ruin my day; got to try and start small.)

With all that in mind, and a healthy dose of bag-love (blove) on the side I bring you the stats for today's run: 5 miles, 48.35 - avg 9.41 a mile. De-fucking-lighted!

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