Friday, 5 June 2009

JUNEATHON - the shrunk post

So, I've been lax, but it really is time, yet again, for Juneathon. JoggerBlogger even had the niceness to do a logo. We're really v organised this year - as JogBlog has listed us all too!

So, I'm going to try and be on-top of the blogging (and the exercise too). So let me start by hastily squishing the last 5 days into one measly post - a bit like when you take your jeans out of the dryer and you convince yourself you haven't put any weight on, they've just shrunk 'more than usual'...

1. I started well - 51min of Wii Fit - doing all the proper exercises and yoga, and weight bearing - not just playing games! Definitely harder than it looks. Reminded me I do need to do more yoga.

2. Seriously hard core gardening - mowing, and raking for hours (and hours), as well as digging, weeding and carrying compost around. Not just pottering - a proper work out.

3. Damn, I don't think clipping the dogs can count. It's hard, but to count it as exercise would be cheating. So I'll just label myself a loser and move on... even if I did get sunburn.

4. To even more loser-ville. Now, I did do a lot of walking, more than your average desk-bound person would have done in a day - but it was round shops and really, cannot, under any circumstances count. Damn - this doesn't look good.

5. Ta-da! I went to the gym despite moving furniture all day and being knackered. 4 miles run, all at 1% all at 9.30 or faster (ended up averaging 9.27 a mile) - was quite pleased. The first 2 miles are definitely the hardest, then the body seems to remember what to do. Still makes me feel like a much nicer, happier, livelier person. Running definitely rocks.

Now off to bed. Might have a bike ride tomorrow. Or a bit more Wii Fit. Or a run. Or some yoga. I love Juneathon, it helps me to focus on the fact that I quite like exercise really, and it gives you so much more energy to enjoy the rest of the day. *

*Please don't kick me out of Juneathon.... please. I am trying. :-)


jogblog said...

Ok, we won't kick you out as you've redeemed yoursel now.

The Virtual Runner said...

Sounds good so far! Keep it up and have fun. Junethon is a great motivator.

RunningBetty said...

Now that Juneathon is coming to a close, come learn about our Julyathon. Can you do 100 press ups?