Friday, 13 March 2009

I stole this crap from elsewhere on the interweb ...

but it still amused me.

The theory is, like most stupid games, that you load up your iTunes (or your uTunes if you prefer, and have anal grammar issues) and take the first 10 tracks it shuffles and add the phrase "in my pants" to the end of each track, I tried and tested recipe for hilarity (no, really).

I am tired (there was a circuits class, some running and an idea for a new charity this week) and still, I find this crap funny. I hope to god you do too.

Square Dance in my pants Eminem
Royale with Cheese in my pants Actors Pulp Fiction
Apple Pie À La Mode in my pants Destiny's Child
My pants appear to have had a whole meal now. Suddenly I'm feeling peckish ...
Resurrection Fern in my pants Iron & Wine - Where was that razor again?
Where Do the Children Play? in my pants Cat Stevens So sick, so wrong.
Seven Nation Army in my pants The White Stripes Might help to eradicate the Cat Stevens thing.
One Minute Man (Remix) in my pants Missy Elliott aka reasons to become a lesbian
Remedy in my pants The Black Crowes think this is made clear by the above
Weary Memory in my pants Iron & Wine I refer the honourable gentleman to Missy Elliott
Why Go in my pants Pearl Jam - need I say more?

Thank you, and goodnight, SAM has left the building.


The Professor said...

In for a penny...

I was good and did not "cheat", I just looked at the last ten tracks I'd scrobbled:

Monday Woman in my pants - If she could give them back please

Live your life be free in my pants - I've relented, she can keep them

What You bet in my pants - Clearly she's having fun

Today I Sing the Blues in my pants - I'm not though

Spanish Harlem in my pants - I'm multicultural

I Never Loved a Man (the Way I love you) in my pants - note to Rock God

I can't give you Anything but Love in my pants -?!?

Tartame Como Soy in my pants - If I had the faintest idea what this meant it would help. I have a selection of sauces in my pants?!?

Ain't No Sunshine in my pants - Oh good, no holes in today's ones then.

I Must Have That Man in my pants - If he read this, I'd be getting a glower right now so I'll type nothing :P

Ray Lucas said...

Here we go...

Strangers When We Meet in my Pants (Bowie)
Born Again in my Pants (Supergrass)
Live Alone in my Pants (Franz Ferdinand)
California in my Pants (Richard Butler)
Beauty and the Beast in my Pants (Bowie again)
I Love Buddha in my Pants (Monkey)
Tetris in my Pants (Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra)
The Lighthouse in my Pants (Interpol)
Fame in my Pants (Bowie yet again)
If God Will Send His Angels in my Pants (U2)

Ray Lucas said...

Goddamn it - just outside the 10 tracks was:

Who's That Girl in my Pants? (Eurythmics)