Saturday, 7 March 2009

It's been a while.

The last few days since I last bored you with the minutae of my life have passed in a bit of a blur.

We went to Cameron House for the w/end and it was a huge, impersonal hotel that thought it was much grander than it really was... not that it wasn't comfortable and nice, just a bit contrived and full of people who were overly impressed by the helicopter on the lawn.

The spa was amazing though - being in hot bubbly water whilst outside and rain falling and cooling your face has got to be one of my favourite sensations.

The working week has been crazy over the last 5 days - we finally sold my car for a pittance (but still about what she was worth we suspect); we got the beautiful and stunning TT who is yet to have a name, but we suspect she's a girl!

I did a poxy 2 mile run up our hill and back - this even involved a 5min chat with the neighbour at 1.9 miles... really, barely worth mentioning.

Went to a circuits class again and it really rocked, its properly hard but really enjoyable at the same time. The ache from that has been compounded by a very hard physical day. Started by the drain dudes turning up and letting me know that Yes the drain is now clear (again) and sadly, Yes there is something wrong with it - a lump of something - possibly concrete (left by the fuckingarsewanking builders I assume) which is causing the pipe to block - it will have to be excavated. Bollocks.

I was going to say more but people home now and dead on my feet.

However, final note we did get the garage emptied of all crap and I got all clean and tidy - finally.

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