Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Newness - and dust.

As groundbreaking as it was to blog from 'the new place' (which will shortly morph into 'home') it meant that the 300th post barrier was left unannounced. 300 posts: and so little said.

Life here continues in a whirl of tedious tiny tasks™. Applying to a new doctor. Changing more address details; going to collect yet more feckin' paint; explaining yet again what the house name is, and NO, it's not the house of exactly the same name with the word "cottage" after it just up the road. (Ie we might live in a house called Keith, and they live in Keith Cottage.)

Exercise has taken an upward turn over the last few days. Joining the local gym/spa has helped. Now we have somewhere warm and quiet to run, with a sauna, and lashings of clean towels. So there was a decent weights session and a quick hilly 2 miles on the treadmill. Then yesterday there was 4 miles (count them, I'm so proud) on aerobic setting. Joy and rapture it was hard but I averaged 9.22 a mile and there were 3 hills. It felt great to be getting back into it. I've got to go outside and run soon too - there have been some exceptionally perfect Autumn days.

Today I was told my eyes are deteriorating... but luckily just with age. Bah. Age. Damn opticians, what do they know. He also took photos of my retinas - sounds freaky, was freaky. But reassuring in a freaky/science way.

Many things were achieved. (All tedious and tiny.) But the decorator turned up - early - at dawn and is beginning to make our house fantastically liveable in. Luckily we love the colour done so far - just have to keep our fingers crossed for loving the rest.

Spoke to our builder today. And received an apology, an implication that he'd been waiting on me calling him (!), and a promise that the joiner/s would be with me tomorrow. I cheerfully told him I'd call him at 10am if they hadn't made it here. Expect me to be on the phone at 10am.

Still, every step forward is at least a step in the right direction. And yesterday the geothermal heating dudes came and turned a valve that I had previously considered turning and therefore we had water hot enough for a bath - and heating - a novel experience, and a mighty fine one.

Sometimes all life's petty moments add up to something great, and it feels like that here. Like all the dust (and my god is there a lot of dust), and boxes, and rearranging of life will form something much bigger and better than the sum of all these petty pieces. Maybe it's hormones, maybe it's the sunshine, maybe it's the heating, maybe it's the walk to an incredible waterfall; but all of this feels pretty bloody amazing right now.

And TheO is playing her PS3 and is a happy bunny. So bit of a warm fuzzy feeling all over the shop right now. I'm off to catch-up on the US election.

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