Thursday, 27 November 2008

I should be sorting laundry...

but instead I'm here blogging. It's been a a busy week:
1. Did 2.3 miles on the arm bike (a think of joy and torture) at the gym in 10m on hill setting - this was before a tree brought the power line down and they had to send us home.
2.Went to my favouite hotel in the world and had another incredible meal - I always think it's going to disappoint me, it never does. (I even unpacked some shoes specially - it would have been unseemly to go in crocs.) This was to celebrate Professors bday (and hell, maybe thank Rockgod for his sterling service in the face of moving adversity).
3. Dougal arrived for his week holiday. He is a v v sweet dog who is delightful in the evening and a tiny bit exasperating during the day. But hell, he can use the internet and even sent us a care package from John Lewis - he rocks! He mixes well with small child, and no so well with wet paint.
4. Sisinlaw and godlet arrived. So we spent some considerable time getting the house ship-shape. I feel we're still a bit shit-shaped but nevermind, life is definitely too short to keep stressing out about it! (I'll just keep repeating that until I actually believe it.)
5.Managed a flimsy 5K run up the hill with Dougal and Bridie.
6. Am desperately preparing for a selling show this w/end. Keep your fingers crossed that people still want to buy craft in times of economic crisis.

Right I do have to go and do some laundry now.
More catch-up soon. Tired now. need sleep.
Have a room for shoes all done though. Priorities.

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